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The Power of Two

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and driving greater business value from vast datasets, the combination of NVIDIA and Google Cloud unlocks a wide range of state-of-the-art services.

These are capabilities that multiply the types of complex workloads your business can expect to routinely solve, supported by low-latency inference and high-throughput model training.

AI in the cloud

Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence (AI)

With NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing resources on Google Cloud, you can access the technology needed to bring next-generation AI-powered services to life. You’ll also be able to tackle large datasets and generate timely insights.

By offering a seamless integration between the leading NVIDIA GPUs and the Google Cloud AI Platform, you can expand the practical value of AI across multiple domains – while seeking to continuously simplify and improve operations.



ML training

Deeper insights across all networks

With deep learning neural networks becoming more complex, training times have dramatically increased, resulting in lower productivity and higher costs.

NVIDIA’s deep learning technology and complete solution stack integrated into Google Cloud’s end-to-end tools significantly accelerates your AI training, resulting in deeper insights in less time, greater cost savings, and faster time to ROI.

Power of Two

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AI inference

Empower the creation of next generation products and services

As the first cloud platform to make the NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU available, Google Cloud delivers real-time inference speeds that are infinitely faster than contemporary CPUs. Combined, this solution provides greater efficiency to users running trained models for inference by providing high throughput with low latency.

NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA CUDA-X libraries (including NVIDIA TensorRT™ and NVIDIA TensorRT Inference Server) running on Google Cloud, or integrated with Google managed-services like the Google Cloud AI Platform, ensure easy access to accelerated computing across multiple workloads and all deep learning frameworks.



Scalable AI

Scale with flexibility of choice

With the Power of Two, you can call upon the latest NVIDIA GPUs with custom machine shapes. You can also expect seamless integration with services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google AI Platform, as well as products ranging from Jupyter Notebooks to Kubeflow Pipelines to Deep Learning VM Images.

This level of choice allows you to quickly optimize workloads with custom machine configurations, rather than constricting your workloads based on limited system configurations and available budget. This ability, combined with per-second billing and automated discounts, helps you transform your AI strategies – while keeping a lid on costs.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Power of Two


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