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The Power of Two

The partnership of NVIDIA and Google Cloud is designed to help you achieve faster results without adding to your capital expenditure or IT management overhead.

By combining our world-renowned capabilities, we can help you accelerate compute-intensive and graphics-intensive workloads, while boosting employee collaboration and day-to-day efficiency.

Market-leading inference

Push the boundaries of what's possible

With NVIDIA GPUs running on Google Cloud, you can boost the efficiency of scale-out virtual machine instances running deep learning workloads and enable responsive AI-based services.

The close integration of our technologies also enables you to achieve lower latency, while supporting a sustainable cloud that is carbon-neutral. This makes even the most demanding of applications and data available from anywhere – on any device – while reducing your impact on the environment.



Flexible configuration

Build the environment you need

Google Cloud Platform’s Custom Machine Types enable you to create virtual machines (VMs) with the optimal amount of CPU and memory for your workloads. Uniquely, GPUs on GCP can be attached to these customized and preemptible VMs for the best value on short-lived or fault-tolerant workloads.

With the Power of Two, you can complete this process with ease, while also utilizing GPU-optimized containers from the NGC Software Hub to accelerate workloads on Google Cloud.

Power of Two

and you

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Outstanding performance

Power your way to a competitive advantage

With hundreds of industry-leading high performance computing (HPC) applications being supported by NVIDIA GPUs, you can expect drastically lower model-training times and superior performance – with fewer, more powerful instances.

This is technology that’s able to deliver a 5-10X performance boost on real-world applications, and teraflops of double-precision and single-precision performance for HPC and machine learning (ML) workloads.



Global coverage

Build on Google's global infrastructure

With the Power of Two, you can access the same hardware used by Google to develop high-performance, deep-learning products wherever you are in the world.

Access NVIDIA® T4, NVIDIA V100, NVIDIA P4, and NVIDIA P100 GPUs through the  Google Cloud data centers closest to you when you need to minimize latency, adhere to localized data requirements, and reduce interruptions.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Power of Two


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