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Find your way to greater deep learning performance

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Training Platform delivers breakthrough performance – spanning all deep learning frameworks – to power next generation artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including speech, language, image, and video.
Deep Learning Training Platform

Dynamic training

The platform for realizing your ambition

NVIDIA deep learning technology, available on Google Cloud, helps accelerate your AI training to facilitate deeper insights in less time – while also helping to cut costs and speed up ROI.

This is training that benefits from limitless compute on demand, simplified IT management, flexible pricing that enables the fastest time to solution, and the ability to take on more complex challenges.

Flexible solution

Deliver long-term business benefits

Via the Power of Two, you can access an end-to-end, fully scalable deep learning (DL) platform that’s proven to cut training time from weeks to hours:
  • Accelerate all DL frameworks, including Tensorflow and Pytorch
  • Boost throughput with mixed precision
  • Achieve dramatic cost savings
  • Scale capabilities to suit specific tasks and challenges

Optimized learning

Find your ideal capabilities

With NVIDIA GPUs available on Google Cloud across the globe, your business can accelerate AI training without a heavy capital expenditure or complex infrastructure management.

Through the Power of Two partnership you can access:

  • GPU-accelerated containers from NVIDIA NGC Container Hub
  • NVIDIA TensorRT™ – a deep learning inference optimizer
  • NVIDIA GPUs in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • NVIDIA GPUs in Google AI Platform

Your deep learning platform

Experience work at the cutting edge

From market-leading technologies to project launch support, here are some of the factors that make our solution unique:

Power of Two

and you

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Helping farmers with intelligent agriculture

The combination of Google Cloud, NVIDIA GPUs, and TensorFlow machine learning has helped agriculture innovator Taranis reduce crop loss for farmers all around the world.
Eli Bukchin

Before, uploading was three or four times slower, and could take up to a day rather than a few hours. The difference is really substantial. In total, we have processed around 100 million distinct features in around 700,000 images.

Eli Bukchin, Co-Founder and CTO, Taranis

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