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The Power of Two

Aside from giving you easy access to GPU power, the NVIDIA and Google Cloud partnership also helps ensure that delivery is carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

This arrangement includes per-second billing and packaged, self-contained environments that help simplify installation processes.

Efficient pricing

Optimize your systems and budgets

With precise insight into what’s being used and where, Google Cloud’s per-second pricing ensures that you only pay for services used – with up to a 30% monthly discount applied, depending on the machine configuration.

This gives you the ability to save on upfront capital expenditures, while enjoying the 24/7 uptime and scalable performance you’d expect from NVIDIA Data Center GPUs.



Efficient deployment

Deliver what you need without the headache

With the Power of Two, users can access GPU-optimized application containers that eliminate much of the work for high performance computing (HPC) administrators.

When used, applications are packaged in self-contained environments that are agnostic to any underlying hardware. As a result, you can eliminate the installation process and complete deployments without impacting other applications.

Power of Two

and you

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Sustainable AI

Offset your carbon footprint

The Power of Two also utilizes 100% renewable energy.

With this partnership, all of the power we use is carbon offset as part of our commitment to carbon neutrality. That’s why we’re able to reduce the net emissions associated with compute and data storage to zero.



Effective ML training

Deliver complex models with less time and effort

Efficiency is also vital when it comes to training complex machine learning (ML) models and accelerating training time, while delivering efficient ML inference.

NVIDIA GPUs on Google Cloud dramatically reduce training times from weeks to hours, while providing higher throughput and low latency inference when these models are deployed in production. 

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Power of Two


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