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The Power of Two

From combating fraud and automating claims processing, to generating next best actions and empowering customer service – there are many processes in the finance sector that can be radically improved with high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

NVIDIA and Google Cloud solutions powered by AI allow financial services companies to reimagine the way they operate and improve the customer experience.

Minimize fraud

Make startling connections

The financial services industry faces the constant risk of transaction fraud and money laundering. When you introduce AI, you gain the ability to improve fraud detection and accuracy, while decreasing false positives, improving the bottom line, enhancing overall customer experience.

With NVIDIA GPUs running on Google Cloud, you can put AI to work generating algorithms that process large datasets with many variables. Then, you can find the hidden correlations between user behavior and the likelihood of fraudulent behaviors and take action to prevent incidents.



Assess risk

Manage opportunity at the speed of business

With the Power of Two, you can accurately measure transaction fraud and money laundering risks, and use these insights to enhance financial stability. By measuring risk and exploiting the vast amounts of data available on customer and operational factors, financial services companies can detect both problem and resolution.

Analyzing fraudulent risk across a vast amount of past customer data is an ideal task for AI. As new customer data comes in, AI can continue to learn and adapt to new patterns and behaviors.

Power of Two

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Autonomous finance

Make every decision the best decision

The variety of products offered across any financial ecosystem, coupled with a consumer’s rapidly evolving personal situation, makes effective decision-making difficult. Opportunities abound for financial institutions able to help optimize this overall process.

AI-powered recommendation systems help crunch all of these inputs to deliver the next best action. The result is an autonomous ability to cross-sell and service customers, while also offering them the guidance they need to identify the best path toward their financial goals.



Conversational AI

Dial up the intelligence in your customer experiences

From bill payments and money transfers to opening new accounts, conversational AI is driving a transformation in customer self-service. Interactions are growing in number due to their cost-effective nature. These new technologies empower customer service agents to focus on higher value customers.

Delivering conversational AI requires significant computing power to train chatbots and communicate in the domain-specific language of financial services. With NVIDIA GPUs, you can train models and deliver the low latency required to enable lifelike customer conversations.

Technical resources

Enjoy a wide range of tools to help deliver future capabilities

  • NVIDIA Jarvis: A complete workflow to build, train, and deploy GPU-accelerated AI systems
  • TensorFlow: An open-source library for high-performance numerical computation, using data flow graphs
  • PyTorch: A GPU-accelerated tensor computational framework with a Python front-end
  • NeMo: A toolkit for developing conversational AI
  • QuartzNet: A version of the Jasper (ASR-MODELS1) model with separable convolutions and larger filters


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