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The Power of Two

The Power of Two is about delivering an exponential growth of capabilities to your organization and moving beyond a simple addition of features and benefits to a compound platform that’s prepared to fuel your strategic ambitions.

The NVIDIA and Google Cloud partnership helps you envision all that you can achieve with powerful technology.

Future-ready technology

Prepare your business for a new tomorrow

As AI and computer graphics workloads become more distributed and complex, NVIDIA and Google Cloud have partnered to combine our collective expertise into a unified proposition for customers.

This strategic partnership gives you the means to tackle future challenges and accelerate technological innovation.



Practical applications

Make the most of every opportunity

NVIDIA GPUs running on Google Cloud open up a world of opportunities for you to leverage existing datasets and develop real-time insights, models, and visualizations that inform future outcomes.

NVIDIA and Google Cloud recognize the importance of cost and of providing reliable access to the capabilities that users need. That’s why we created a flexible pricing model that adapts to changing business strategies.

Power of Two

and you

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Optimized performance

Empower a smarter and more informed way of working

From predicting our climate’s future to modeling the retail store of tomorrow, technology is playing an increasingly central role in the transformation of society.

Together, NVIDIA and Google Cloud are helping to extend the potential of AI by delivering all of the necessary underlying performance – from speeding up throughput to reducing latency.



Speed to solution

Turn knowledge into business growth

Business success in the future will be based on how well you address shifting customer expectations, based on data-driven insights.

With the ability to accelerate workflows and reduce training for AI applications, leveraging the Power of Two to guide your solutions ensures that you’ll be on the cutting edge of technology.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Unleash the
Power of Two


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