Images to insight: using AI to analyze rich visuals in Google Cloud

NVIDIA is a leader in image visualization and AI. Google Cloud is full of intuitive visual AI services. Together, we’re creating a new standard for visual AI and making it easier than ever to extract insight from rich visual data. That’s the Power of Two in action.

Images to Insight Using AI to analyse rich visuals

Visual AI is where NVIDIA’s two greatest areas of expertise intersect. Decades of experience processing the highest quality computer graphics, and leading AI research and GPU technology have converged to make NVIDIA one of the world leaders in image and video inference.

Today, the raw processing power and AI optimization of NVIDIA GPUs is available alongside – and integrated with – rich graphics and video AI services from Google Cloud.

If you’re handling large volumes of visual data – images or video – NVIDIA and Google Cloud together can help you extract hidden insights from your data and build smarter, faster, AI-driven services.

Building machine learning models using visual data sets

The simplest way to harness the power of visual AI capabilities is to create your own machine learning (ML) models for image-based data sets in Google Cloud. Using the AI platform alongside helpful tools like TensorFlow Enterprise and AI Hub, you have numerous options to make new model creation simple.

The AI platform enables you to create and define your own visual data sets, train AI models with them using NVIDIA GPUs, and start generating reliable predictions. The continuous improvement and optimization capabilities within the AI Platform ensure that your models, outputs, and predictions get sharper and more accurate over time.

The cutting edge

Both NVIDIA and Google Cloud are continuously working to develop exciting new capabilities and push the boundaries of what’s possible in video AI. Google Cloud’s most recent innovation – AutoML Edge Video is a prime example.

Using your own custom labels, you can train edge devices to recognize defined actions and automatically flag them in a video, as they’re captured. The platform’s intuitive UI enables you to train your models further, using additional labels created by you.

Development of these capabilities is still ongoing, but if you’re interested in being one of the first to try this revolutionary edge video AI solution, register your interest here.

Make images and video do more with the Power of Two

Building AI models and extracting insights from complex streams of images and video data can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the world of AI and ML. But, with the right tools and solutions, it can be simple.

Together, NVIDIA and Google Cloud make AI capabilities more accessible than ever, as evidenced by our joint visual AI offering.

Find out more about the powerful combination of NVIDIA GPUs and Google Cloud, get inspired by AI, and discover how you can redefine possible for your organization at

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