Virtualized visualization: provisioning NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations in Google Cloud

The NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS) is a game-changer for graphics visualization professionals. Now, with Quadro vWS conveniently available in Google Cloud, advanced computer graphics capabilities are easier to access than ever before.

In graphically demanding fields like CGI, model design, graphic design, CAD, and video editing, the notion of what’s “possible” has been constrained by a designer’s access to advanced hardware.

Keeping design teams equipped with the latest GPU hardware has historically been a challenge. But, that’s changed with NVIDIA® Quadro® Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS). These virtualized, GPU-powered workstations, delivered flexibly in Google Cloud, enable teams to complete demanding computer graphics workloads through a host of devices.

Professional engineering and creative applications that leverage the Quadro driver and libraries can be easily run on Quadro vWS, including 3D applications used in CAD, CAE, and rendering. IT can quickly install these applications to a virtual machine instance and get designers up and running. 

Because they’re delivered in Google Cloud, the applications are continuously updated and maintained, which frees up IT teams to work on more important projects.

NVIDIA and Google Cloud have worked together to make getting started with Quadro vWS as simple as possible. To equip your staff with powerful, scalable, flexible GPU-powered workstations, follow these steps:

Virtualized visualization

Step one: Find NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations on the Google Cloud Marketplace

As long as you have an active Google Cloud subscription, getting started with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations is as simple as finding the Quadro vWS page on the Google Cloud Marketplace and clicking the launch button.

On the marketplace page, you’ll also find important technical documentation and pricing information, along with details regarding our flexible per-hour licensing costs. Quadro vWS on Google Cloud is available globally and can be launched in minutes.

Once you’ve clicked launch, you’ll begin to configure your deployment. You’ll be able to choose your required cores and memory for your virtual machine, as well as define your cloud deployment region.

At this stage, you’ll also define which NVIDIA GPU you want to power your machine. If you need help deciding, you can find more GPU details on our solutions page.

Next, you’ll click the deploy button and your configured workstation instance will be deployed.

Step three: Start working

Once deployment is complete, download your Remote Desktop Protocol file or directly connect to the defined IP address for your machine, install your required software as you would on any other desktop, and start working.

Change the way you provision visualization desktops today

Deploying GPU-powered NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations in Google Cloud is easy. Whether you’re meeting a short-term need for a professional graphics workstation visualization or looking for a simpler, more flexible way to manage powerful desktops, Quadro vWS in Google Cloud can meet your needs in minutes.

Workstations are automatically updated and simple to manage. They’re priced flexibly, with per-hour licensing costs. And they enable visualization teams to work productively from anywhere.

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