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The Power of Two

Running high performance computing (HPC) applications on NVIDIA GPUs in Google Cloud gives you the raw power to perform complex, compute-intensive calculations across areas such as drug discovery, molecular modeling, and weather prediction.

The combination of GPU-powered parallel processing, running on Google Cloud’s global and flexible infrastructure, is a proven way to accelerate the performance of your compute-intensive workloads – at a highly competitive price point.

HPC in the cloud

Push your performance to the limit

Google Cloud is the only public cloud that offers customers access to NVIDIA T4, NVIDIA V100, and NVIDIA P100 GPUs across its global infrastructure, making it an ideal platform for converging advances in HPC and artificial intelligence (AI).

The result is technology dedicated to increasing time to solution, which has already been proven to accelerate over 600 applications – all backed by 24/7 uptime and GPU-optimized containers to further boost your HPC workloads.



Increase productivity

Break free from cost and performance limits

We’re committed to giving you the ideal blend of scalable performance and measurable cost efficiencies. That’s why our HPC platform offers the ability to optimize workloads with custom configurations, as well as per-second billing and automatic discounts.

For batch processing jobs you can save up to 70%, compared to on-demand pricing, by using GPUs with preemptible instances. These managed instance groups can be used to create a large pool of affordable GPU capacity, which runs as long as capacity is available.

Power of Two

and you

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Optimize workloads

Deliver your best without compromise

Google Cloud’s flexible offering means enterprises can scale up and down as needed – choosing the right mix of resources to meet their specific workload requirements.

You can add GPUs to accelerate your computationally-intensive workloads – including simulations and medical analysis – and add or remove GPUs to a virtual machine when your workload changes. Most importantly, you’ll only pay for GPU resources while you’re using them.



Drive real-time AI and ML

Put state-of-the-art into your computer science

With the Power of Two, your business can gain a clear performance advantage by easily provisioning Google Compute Engine instances with NVIDIA T4, V100 or P100 GPUs to handle advanced artificial intelligence (AI) training and deliver highly efficient AI inference.

Tight integration with the Google AI Platform helps you increase the scale of complex workloads that you can run, as well as the insights you can generate from data, without having to move it out of the cloud.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Unleash the
Power of Two


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