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NVIDIA’s high performance computing (HPC) platform, available on Google Cloud, provides an accelerated application-first approach to power the world’s most demanding supercomputing workloads.
HPC platform

Forward-thinking technology

Run your computations with confidence

With GPU-powered parallel processing across multiple compute nodes, you can run advanced, large-scale application programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

The impact this has on your operation is a dramatic boost in throughput and a significant cost savings that helps pave the way for new discoveries and lightning-fast insights.

Unbounded performance

Enhance your time to solution

From predicting weather patterns to finding new energy sources, the platform represents an intersection of HPC and artificial intelligence (AI). Add in maximized throughput, and you’re set to advance what’s possible with complex workloads:

  • Capabilities optimized for Google Cloud Platform
  • Over 600 applications accelerated
  • Convergence of HPC and AI
  • Continuous application performance improvement

Accelerate discovery

A platform unified by function

With the combination of Google Cloud and the NVIDIA HPC platform, you can increase the speed of complex, compute-intensive workloads and easily provision Google Compute Engine with instances of NVIDIA® T4, NVIDIA V100, NVIDIA P4, and NVIDIA P100 GPUs.
  • Utilize GPU-optimized containers
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Google Cloud AI platform
  • Build on Google Cloud's global infrastructure

Next-level technology

One solution, packed with potential

From NVIDIA NGC containers that boost cluster provisioning to parallel-processing capabilities, the HPC platform offers a range of unique features that collectively help advance you to the next level of computing performance:

  • Single NVIDIA CUDA platform helps accelerate applications and support all NVIDIA GPUs
  • NVIDIA Tensor Cores accelerate simulations while maintaining accuracy at reduced precision
  • NGC hub for all NVIDIA containerized software solutions

Power of Two

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Producing hyper-accurate climate insights

Leading micro-weather data aggregator ClimaCell is providing high-accuracy, low-latency insight into the world’s climate using high-performance cloud computing and machine learning models powered by NVIDIA GPUs.
Shimon Elkabetz

Our services require high performance and reliability from every component in our stack, from GPUs to networking, data processing, and storage. That’s why we use Google Cloud with NVIDIA.

Shimon Elkabetz, CEO & Co-Founder, ClimaCell

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