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The Power of Two

With the aim of helping manufacturers design and produce increasingly complex products, NVIDIA GPU technology available on Google Cloud enables mobile and distributed workforces to collaborate and create in pursuit of excellence.

This enables you to offer engineers and designers scalable, hardware-based graphics performance for virtualized workstations, computer aided design (CAD) software, and a major boost to overall design workflows.

Design anywhere

Embrace ideas and solutions from any location

Advanced capabilities powered by NVIDIA GPUs are helping to drive new levels of design performance. From artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality to graphics virtualization and real-time engineering simulation, manufacturers have the tools to transform product design.

Having these capabilities available on Google’s global infrastructure provides the secure access needed to drive idea sharing and issue-resolution in real-time, while offering employees the mobility and autonomy they need to thrive.



Unprecedented power

Take your design and engineering workloads to new levels

By utilizing a cloud platform with the capability to support large-scale deployment of AI initiatives, GPU-accelerated computing gives you the ability to build models using unprecedented amounts of data to optimize operations and cut costs.

For designers and engineers using CAD and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, the power of GPUs delivers a truly responsive experience. Users can work with large 3D models without lag or delay, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Power of Two

and you

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Innovate securely

Enable your teams to share and create with ease

The NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS), available from the Google Cloud Marketplace, provides access to NVIDIA RTX-powered resources and the intelligent performance product design teams need to innovate in even the most demanding of workflows.

Design models, data, and valued IP remain securely located in the cloud, giving users the freedom to access the applications and data they need from anywhere. Users can be confident that they’re part of a truly collaborative design and PLM process.



Faster decisions

Transform every aspect of your product development process

Quadro vWS uses native Quadro graphics drivers, giving CAD software users the same graphics performance they’d expect from their personal computer or workstation – with advanced visualization techniques able to accelerate product development.

The Power of Two also helps generate huge advances in analysis and simulation that enable critical product decisions to be made earlier in the design process.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Unleash the
Power of Two


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