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Supercharge your scale-out cloud deployment

NVIDIA® T4 Tensor Core GPUs deliver revolutionary, multi-precision performance to accelerate a wide range of cloud workloads, including analytics, virtualized graphics, video transcoding, and 3D rendering.

NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs


Flexible design

Putting power and efficiency at your fingertips

The NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU accelerates diverse cloud workloads, including machine learning (ML) training and inference, data analytics, and graphics to deliver revolutionary performance at scale.

Featuring powerful NVIDIA Turing™ Tensor Core technology, NVIDIA T4 GPUs help turbocharge a wide range of modern applications, including ML, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual workstations. These GPUs are designed for maximum utility in the cloud.

Breakthrough performance

The ideal universal accelerator

The NVIDIA T4 data center GPU provides you with the ultimate universal accelerator for distributed computing environments. This is revolutionary multi-precision performance that delivers impressive usage statistics:

  • Up to 2x graphics performance compared to prior generation
  • 36X faster inference than CPUs
  • 9.3X higher performance than CPUs on training
  • 68X faster time to insights on deep learning inference

Dramatic acceleration

A partnership built on performance

Supporting NVIDIA’s GPU platform with a large worldwide footprint, Google Cloud ensures the NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU is prepared for today’s distributed workloads. As a result, you can expect friction-free and highly-performant offerings, alongside the storage and networking required to drive success.
  • Easily configure Google Compute Engine instances
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Optimize workloads with custom machine configurations

Unrivaled technology

Functions and features to inspire the imagination

The NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU is the outstanding performer in the market, defined by cutting-edge capabilities. This is technology that offers a range of clear performance differentiators, including:

  • NVIDIA Tensor Cores, NVIDIA CUDA Cores, and NVIDIA Turing Ray Tracing Cores
  • NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS) for computer graphics and visualization workloads
  • Support for NVIDIA RTX-enabled applications for the latest in real-time ray tracing

Power of Two

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Snap Inc.

Monetizing rapid platform growth

Advertising revenue is critical to the success of Snap – the company behind Snapchat – and NVIDIA GPUs on Google Cloud provide the fast, accurate, and cost-effective inference it needs to give advertisers access to the right targets.

Nima Khajehnouri

Snap’s monetization algorithms have the single biggest impact to our advertisers and shareholders. NVIDIA T4 powered GPUs for inference on Google Cloud Platform will enable us to increase advertising efficacy while at the same time lower costs when compared to a CPU only implementation.

Nima Khajehnouri, Senior Director, Monetization at Snap Inc.

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