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With the power to accelerate the most demanding AI, high performance computing (HPC), and data science, the NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core GPU sits at the very forefront of data center GPU performance.

NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs

NVIDIA Tesla V100

The era of AI

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The NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU is the most advanced data center GPU ever built. Designed to inspire the next big breakthrough in AI, the technology delivers dramatic performance gains and significant cost savings.

Powered by NVIDIA Volta™ architecture, a single V100 Tensor Core GPU offers the performance of nearly 32 CPUs. That’s why data scientists, researchers, and engineers trust this technology to accelerate HPC workloads and every deep learning framework.

Unrivalled capabilities

Accelerate your path forward

Utilizing the NVIDIA Volta architecture and the V100 Tensor Core GPUs in their 16GB configuration yields the performance of up to 100 CPUs.

  • 47X higher throughput compared to CPUs for deep learning inference
  • 405X higher compute capacity per data center rack
  • 40X speedup across mixed HPC workloads
  • 640 Tensor Cores for 130 teraFLOPS of deep learning performance

Cutting-edge innovation

A blending of powerful capabilities

Optimized for the Google Cloud platform, the NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU is integrated with tools that include Google AI Platform and Google Kubernetes Engine to offer a combined solution that’s big on practical value:
  • Easily configure Google Compute Engine instances
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Optimize workloads with custom machine configurations

Potent technology

The world's most powerful GPU

Able to deliver unprecedented ROI by maximizing throughput, the NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU accelerates over 600 HPC applications and every major deep learning framework:

  • NVIDIA Tensor Cores and NVIDIA CUDA Cores accelerate AI and HPC
  • NVIDIA CUDA-X Libraries enhance programmability for all use cases
  • NGC Software Hub containerizes all NVIDIA software offerings for deep learning
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Google Cloud AI Platform

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A faster route to solar power

SunPower harnesses the power of NVIDIA V100 GPU-enabled virtual machines on Google Cloud to help homeowners design their ideal solar solution in seconds, and bring clean, sustainable energy to homes across the US and beyond.

Jake wachman

Using NVIDIA GPUs through Google Cloud has helped us focus on core design problems, achieve our goals faster, and create new designs quickly.

Jake Wachman, Vice President, Digital, SunPower Corporation

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