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The Power of Two

Experience a dramatic boost in time and cost savings – while staying on the cutting edge of technology – when you leverage the Power of Two through the NVIDIA and Google Cloud partnership.

Our combined capabilities are designed to reduce latency and boost throughput, while also offering the customization and cost efficiencies needed to power a long-term solution.

Optimized models

Shorten time to deploy deep learning

GPU-accelerated containers from NGC Software Hub provide simple access to pre-integrated and GPU-optimized containers for deep learning software.

By offering pre-trained models and scripts for common use cases, this technology enables you to deploy production-quality, GPU-accelerated software in minutes across Google Cloud.



Optimized performance

Mix precision and flexibility

NVIDIA® TensorRT™ is a high-performance deep learning inference optimizer that delivers low latency and high throughput for inference applications.

Once deployed, you can optimize neural networks, calibrate for lower precision with high accuracy, and deploy models to Google Cloud – all supported by tight integration that ensures maximum flexibility throughout.

Power of Two

and you

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Optimized applications

Turn containers into a source of power

With the Power of Two, you can speed up compute-intensive applications by scaling to hundreds of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated instances in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

You can package NVIDIA GPU-accelerated applications into containers and benefit from the massive processing power of GKE and NVIDIA T4, NVIDIA V100, NVIDIA P4, and NVIDIA P100 GPUs – whenever you need them – without having to manage hardware.



Optimized graphics

Visualize your next big breakthrough

To inspire the productivity of artists, product designers, architects, and engineers, NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS) provide anytime and anywhere access to the most demanding computer graphics applications from the cloud.

Teams that rely on professional graphics have the flexibility to run virtual workstations on NVIDIA T4, V100, P4, and P100 GPUs – directly from Google Cloud – or via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Unleash the
Power of Two


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