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The Power of Two

Performance is all that matters when you’re striving to deliver faster time to results and solve big data challenges.

With a deeply integrated solution, NVIDIA and Google Cloud offer you market-leading GPUs available from any location, complete with all of the throughput, latency, scalability, and security features you need.

AI workloads

Performance-intensive workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) training and inference underpin a growing range of business processes. The challenge now is to provide the infrastructure needed to support this activity – and as many organizations are  realizing – that means using Google Cloud and NVIDIA GPU-powered solutions.

With the Power of Two, NVIDIA’s unparalleled GPU performance is available through Google’s deeply integrated cloud platform – enabling you to accelerate workloads and inspire rapid, informed decision-making.



ML training

With the explosion of data generated daily and the increasing complexity of neural networks driven by a need for more useful AI, it’s become exponentially more challenging to train state-of-the art AI models quickly.

Such performance goals are achievable with NVIDIA® T4 and V100 Tensor Core GPUs running on Google Cloud. Highly configurable and optimized to run workloads scaling efficiently to hundreds of GPUs, this is technology that’s proven to cut training times from weeks to a few hours.

Power of Two

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Delivering world-class solutions

Advancing the most important AI applications today, such as personalized medicine, conversational AI, and deep recommender systems, requires innovators to scale like never before. They’re working with large, complex models that require rapid acceleration to produce the experiences today’s users require.

NVIDIA V100 and T4 GPUs dramatically accelerate inference, powering modern experiences that are otherwise virtually impossible or cost-prohibitive.



HPC workloads

High performance computing (HPC) delivers insights and answers into some of the most complex problems faced by science and business. Provisioning, managing, and updating the required infrastructure on-premise can be expensive and time consuming.

With the Power of Two, you can experience a dramatic boost in time and cost savings by leveraging Google’s software and infrastructure with NVIDIA GPU-powered parallel processing. This partnership helps you scale your HPC solutions efficiently, reliably, and quickly by combining the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem of cloud solutions. They’re suited to all stages of the HPC workflow, with NVIDIA’s GPU ecosystem supporting over 600 HPC applications, including the top 15 HPC applications.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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