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The Power of Two

Remote work with NVIDIA and Google Cloud

NVIDIA® Quadro® Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS), available on Google Cloud, brings simplified management, high performance, and responsive pricing to the table, with the flexibility and business agility you need anytime, anywhere.

Quadro Virtual Workstation

Transformative design

Enhance productivity and quickly scale up or down

By moving to GPU-enabled virtual desktops in the cloud, you can transform user productivity and remain competitive, while enjoying enterprise-grade security.

Built for Google Cloud, the solution helps you avoid the cost and complexity of managing data centers. With the flexibility of the cloud, you can quickly scale up or down to meet business demands.

Transformative performance

Experience real-world benefits

The Quadro vWS on Google Cloud has the power to revolutionize graphics-intensive workloads:

  • Collaborate in real-time while you adjust consumption based on cyclical demands
  • Deploy Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) applications with enhanced IP security on cloud-based workstations
  • Provision the right level of resources for each user
  • Run complex 3D data visualizations from the cloud on any device

Innovation in the cloud

Fusing flexibility with accessibility

Running NVIDIA Quadro vWS on Google Cloud enables you to deliver a native workstation experience from any location or device. Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Drive hybrid cloud adoption
  • Increase IT agility and deploy in 5 minutes
  • Enable location-based deployments

Flexible technology

Intelligent capabilities where you need them most

With access to NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud, and the ability to ensure your Quadro vWS image is always optimized with the latest patches and upgrades, the platform delivers:

  • NVIDIA Quadro workstation performance trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals
  • Support for NVIDIA RTX-enabled applications with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs
  • The ability to leverage ISV certifications with the latest Quadro driver
  • Enterprise-grade security for access from anywhere

Power of Two

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An alternative to costly public disruption

It’s vital for public safety, but regular inspection of road and railway bridges is costly and disruptive work. To reduce disruption to public services and relieve its people of the risk and burden involved in accessing hard-to-reach places, Vienna-based Palfinger Structural Inspection GmbH turned to the power of Google Cloud and NVIDIA GPUs.

Michael Diener

Using Teradici Cloud Access Software with GCP and NVIDIA GPUs is literally like working on a local workstation.

Michael Diener, Engineering Manager at StrucInspect

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