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The Power of Two

An exponential growth in performance for retailers is just beginning to involve solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The result is responsive, accessible, and cost-effective technology that’s capable of inspiring the next wave of smart retail.

NVIDIA’s AI-powered solutions are optimized to run on Google Cloud, powered by NVIDIA GPUs. Offering a host of computing and visualization capabilities, this partnership is helping retailers better understand customers, improve margins, and power smart stores.

Warehouse logistics

Create more dynamic and responsive supply chains

With the Power of Two, you can effectively combine AI and warehouse management technologies across your supply chain and deliver a true transformation in productivity and inventory accuracy.

Enabling these technologies to work together adds a level of advanced recognition to any supply chain. The end result is a holistic view of all products that helps retailers make faster, more informed decisions.



AI for intelligent stores

Build on knowledge rather than informed guesswork

With AI-enabled intelligent stores, retailers are reducing shrinkage, eliminating stockouts, and gaining visibility into in-store customer behavior that helps optimize merchandising.

Modern stores are leveraging data from cameras and sensors that provide valuable analytics, resulting in more informed decisions and more efficient operations.

  • Asset protection: Significantly reduce shrinkage, with up to 99% accuracy, using intelligent video analysis
  • Store analytics: Identify popular or unpopular aisles, customer dwell times, and the number of unique visitors
  • Autonomous shopping: Deliver frictionless and faster shopping experiences, while increasing revenue and margins
  • Store operations: Free up store associates to spend more time with customers by introducing robotics to manage basic, repetitive tasks

Power of Two

and you

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Conversational AI

Enable more engaging shopper experiences

Empowering shoppers with intelligent self-service is a trend that will only grow in importance for retailers as it contributes to a better customer experience and more efficient store operations.

Conversational AI enables consumers to manage all types of financial transactions and customer service requests. However, customer-facing solutions require a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud to meet the demands of a growing digital consumer population.



Last mile delivery

Transform the way you engage with customers

From heavy traffic to extreme weather conditions, predicting last mile performance with any degree of accuracy has never been a simple task. Yet today’s consumer is demanding more precise delivery windows than ever before.

Using real-time data – from GPS data to weather forecasts – retailers can tailor routes in terms of fuel, personnel, and other overhead costs.

Technical expertise

Enjoy in-depth support as you deliver future capabilities

  • NVIDIA® Jarvis: A complete workflow to build, train, and deploy GPU-accelerated AI systems
  • NVIDIA Metropolis: Create, deploy, and scale IoT apps from the edge of the cloud
  • GCP DataProc and Deep Learning VMs with RAPIDS: GPU-accelerated data analytics and machine learning
  • NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs: Based on the latest NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and optimized for mainstream computing environments
  • GCP AutoML Edge Video with NVIDIA Jetson: Supports on-device models on Jetson devices for Object Tracking


The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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