Not all clouds are created equal


The Power of Two

Together, NVIDIA and Google Cloud deliver capabilities that are proven to transform your business – all without a heavy capital expenditure or increased management complexity.

Utilizing the very latest in GPU-accelerated cloud computing resources, this power includes bringing the next generation of services to life with artificial intelligence (AI), accelerating complex workloads with high performance computing (HPC), and driving innovation with graphics visualization.

Unified supercomputing

Powering scientific breakthroughs

Designed to boost throughput and reduce costs for HPC and machine learning (ML) applications, Google Cloud with NVIDIA GPUs accelerate both tightly-coupled and embarrassingly parallel workloads, empowering researchers to achieve their life’s work.

With HPC and AI converging to accelerate the pace of scientific innovation, the Power of Two provides the unified platform Google Cloud users need to extend the reach of science.



Integrated performance

Discover how to master big data

The Power of Two helps you manage the explosion of data generated by today’s transactional records, sensor logs, images, videos, and more.

With NVIDIA GPUs running on Google Cloud, you can generate insights from your data without the need to move it out of the cloud. Add in tight integration with the Google Cloud AI Platform and you’re ready to dramatically reduce the time it takes to train ML models on large datasets.

Power of Two

and you

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Seamless technology

Prioritize the delivery of outstanding performance

As the first cloud platform to offer leading NVIDIA GPUs, Google Cloud enables custom machine shapes alongside seamless integration with services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google AI Platform, and DataProc.

In addition, you can leverage NVIDIA containerized software in NGC Software Hub, or package your workflows into containers to leverage GKE to easily spin-up hundreds of NVIDIA GPUs, wherever you need them.



Future-ready platform

Align technology to your goals

From running lightning fast HPC workloads to GPU-accelerated ML- and AI- enhanced graphics, the Power of Two helps empower your future in an unparalleled way.

And we’re just getting started. We’ll continue to deliver more Google Cloud tools on top of NVIDIA GPUs to inspire the art of the possible.

The Power of Two from
NVIDIA and Google Cloud


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Power of Two


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